Date and content of the 19th Mayors Conference

We are pleased to announce that the 19th Mayors Conference is scheduled to be held in Rovaniemi, Finland as follows. In addition to member cities, we also plan to welcome observers to attend the conference. Details including application for participation will be available on this website at a later date.


1 Date (local time)

  November 13-15, 2021


2 Main theme

  Aging Society in in Winter Cities and Cold Climate


3 Sub-themes

  Sub-theme 1: Challenges and Solutions to Social Marginalization

  Sub-theme 2: Elderly Empowerment

  Sub-theme 3: Infrastructure and Architecture for All


4 Other

The city of Ravoaniemi will also host the “Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit”, an international conference of Arctic cities from November 16 to 17, 2021. We will consider creating opportunities for interaction with the participants of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirits.



Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit official website:


In addition, we are planning to hold a Working Group sessions to exchange views among administrative staff and academic experts. The topics will be “Tourism Development in Winter Cities” and “Planning in Winter Cities”.


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