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Membership Procedure

Any mayor wishing to become a member of the association will apply to the president for membership. The decision will be made at the meeting of the Board of Directors. 


Membership Fee

Member cities must pay an annual membership fee in U.S. dollars between January 1 and March 31. The fee is calculated in accordance with each country’s per-capita GDP and participating city’s population. The fee for the first year of membership will be half the amount indicated in the table. 


Annual Membership Fee (January 1 – December 31) (Unit: US$)

population / GDP

0 – 9,999

10,000 or more

0 – 499,999






1,000,000 or more



The fee will be calculated according to the data obtained from the following sources:
 (1) Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of each country
 Source: United Nations, “Statistical Yearbook”
(2) Urban population (population of each city, excluding population of suburban areas)
 Source: United Nations, “Demographic Yearbook”
Populations of cities which are not included in the above material shall be assessed by the respective cities themselves.


Advantages of Membership

The members will be qualified to attend the General Assembly and Mayors Conference, speak at meetings, and vote. They will receive all the publications of the association, including newsletters. They are also qualified to apply for hosting the Mayors Conference and Winter Cities Showcase. In addition, they are eligible to utilize the network system established among members for their individual exchanges.



Application form (WORD)
Application form (PDF)
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Applications are to be sent to

 World Winter Cities Association for Mayors
 c/o International Relations Department, City of Sapporo
 Kita 1, Nishi 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-8611 Japan
 Tel: +81-11-211-2032, Fax: +81-11-218-5168


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