1. City Profile

Name: Qiqihar (China)

Population: 4,070,000

Area: 42,000 km2

Latitude: 47° N

Average temperature in 2021: °C

Highest temperature in 2021: 32°C

Lowest temperature in 2021: -31°C

Total snowfall: cm

City symbols: Lilac (city flower)


Flag of Qiqihar



Sister Cities & Friendship Cities

  1. Utsnomiya (Japan), Goyang (Republic of Korea), Mariupol (Ukraine), Ufa (Russia), Newcastle (U.S.A.)


    City PR

Qiqihar means “frontier” and “natural pasture” in Daur language. Qiqihar is located at the intersection of the three provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia, and it is the second largest city in Heilongjiang Province. It covers an area of 42,000 square kilometers, exercising jurisdiction over 1 subcity, 8 counties and 7 districts, with a permanent resident population of 4.07 million.


Qiqihar is the economic and cultural center and transportation hub in the northwest region of Northeast China, a strategic node city of China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, and a transportation hub of the Eurasian Land Bridge. 30 kilometers southeast of the central city, there is Zhalong National Nature Reserve, which habits the world’s rare birds red-crowned cranes, known as “the world’s large wetland, the hometown of red-crowned cranes”, so it is also called “Crane City”. It has been honored as the International Capital of Barbecue Cuisine, China’s Green Food Capital, China’s Charming City, China’s Famous Historical and Cultural City, and China’s Excellent Tourism City and so on.


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