Organization & Administration


The World Winter Cities Association for Mayors consists of member cities represented by the mayor of each city.


One President, three Vice-Presidents (one each from North/South America, Asia/Oceania, and Europe), two Directors and one Auditor are elected by the General Assembly.


Current officials (as of January 2022)

      Mayor of Sapporo, Japan

  Mayor of Edmonton, Canada (North/South America) 

  Mayor of Hwacheon, Republic of Korea (Asia/Oceania)

  Mayor of Rovaniemi, Finland (Europe)
      Mayor of Rovaniemi, Finland (2021, 19th Conference host city)
      Mayor of Norilsk, Russia (2023, 20th Conference host city)
      Mayor of Harbin, China


General Assembly
The General Assembly, which is the ultimate decision-making organ, is convened by the President every two years in conjunction with the Mayors Conference to ratify the budgets and project plans of the association.


Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is convened by the President every two years, as necessary, in conjunction with the General Assembly.


The secretariat is located in the International Relations Department, General Affairs Bureau of the City of Sapporo, Japan, and the Secretary-General is the Director General of the General Affairs Bureau of the City of Sapporo.


Operation of Association
The expenses necessary for implementing projects of the association are covered by the revenue of the association, such as membership fees, contributions, balances carried forward from the previous year, and other sources. Part of the expenses of operating the Mayors Conference, Working-Level Officials Meeting, Subcommittees, Revitalization Projects and secretariat are covered by the income of the association.


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