Twelfth Mayors Conference


Host City

Changchun, China (Mayor: Yejing Zhu)



Changchun Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun EuroAsia Shopping Mall



January 15-18, 2006



29 cities from 13 countries

Leduc, Prince George (Canada), Baiyin, Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jilin, Jixi, Kunming, Mianyang, Qiqihar, Shenyang, Siping, Tianjin, Tonghua, Urumchi (China), Maardu (Estonia), Nuuk (Greenland), Aomori, Sapporo, Sendai (Japan), Taebaek (Korea), Kaunas (Lithuania), Tromsø (Norway), Magadan (Russia), Novisad (Serbia-Montenegro), Zilina (Slovakia), Kalmar (Sweden), Anchorage (U.S.A.)


Main Theme

Grow in Winter


Board of Directors

 Mayor of Sapporo (re-elected)
Vice Presidents

 Mayor of Shenyang

 Mayor of Anchorage (newly-elected)

 Mayor of Tromsø (re-elected)


 Mayor of Changchun

 Mayor of Nuuk (newly-elected)


 Mayor of Prince George (newly-elected)


Change in Member Cities

New membership: Novosibirsk (Russia), Kaunas (Lithuania)
Withdrawals: Kiruna (Sweden)


Mayors Conference

Themes: “Environmental Issues in Winter” and “Problem Solving in Citizens’ Winter Lifestyles”


1. Keynote Report by the city of Changchun

A report on the current situation of the city of Changchun was made by the mayor and city officials of Changchun and mentioned that Changchun is facing rapid growth and several difficult urban issues, such as environmental pollution, energy conservation, urban transportation, and measures to increase urban greenery, while also noting their desire to learn from advanced examples through the Mayors Conference.

2. Case Reports Presented by Participating Cities
 (1) Environmental Issues in Winter

Case reports showing great results in reducing carbon dioxide emissions through the usage of wooden pellets and woody biomass were presented by the cities of Prince George and Kalmar on the topic of “environment issues in winter.”
In addition, the cities of Prince George and Sapporo introduced regional heating/cooling methods as examples of environmentally-friendly heating systems. Furthermore, the city of Maardu described its environmental protection plan, including measures for energy conservation, etc.

 (2) Problem Solving in Citizens’ Winter Lifestyles

On the topic of “problem solving in citizens’ winter lifestyles,” the city of Aomori introduced wintertime vegetable cultivation systems for northern regions (“kanjime cultivation”) and the use of such industrial waste items as scallop shells and apple lees to create calcium acetate, a low-pollution snow melting agent.
The city of Taebaek introduced initiatives aiming at the creation of winter resorts as a plan for the conversion of industries in coal mining areas.

3. Plenary Session

Following general remarks by the Mayor of Changchun and Mayors of participating cities, proposals for the establishment of the “Subcommittee in order to Research Case Examples of Environmental Issues in Winter Cities” (Secretariat: Sapporo), Changchun Declaration, and Conference Resolutions were unanimously acknowledged.


Changchun Declaration

 Environmental issues such as global warming are serious issues that all cities have to urgently deal with no matter where they are located.
 In winter cities, with their low temperatures, heavy snowfalls, and harsh climatic conditions, the consumption of energy used for heating and for snow removal and melting is enormous, and with rapid urbanization excessive energy consumption has been adversely affecting the global environment year after year.
 Acknowledging that urban activities with reduced energy consumption and with less impact on the environment are important for dealing with environmental issues, we, the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors, hereby declare that each city will deal with these issues with its utmost wisdom and effort.
 The Association also declares that the ideals of the declaration should be promoted to as many winter cities of the world as possible, and that the Association will make its utmost effort to spread these ideals through education
and information.


Subcommittee Reports

Final reports were made by the Secretariats of the two subcommittees.

・Subcommittee for Sustainable Winter Cities Planning(Secretariat: City of Aomori)

・Subcommittee for Measures against Terrorism in Northern Cities(Secretariat: City of Anchorage)


Selection of the host city for the 14th World Winter Cities Conference for Mayors

Prince George, Canada has been selected as the host city for the 14th World Winter Cities Conference for Mayors 2010.



1. In accordance with the “Changchun Declaration” adopted at this Mayors Conference, participant cities from the Conference pledged to make their utmost efforts for the resolution of global environmental problems, and to share information and experiences.
2. The “Subcommittee in order to Research Case Examples of Environmental Issues in Winter Cities” was established, with the city of Sapporo acting as Secretariat.
3. For services rendered for the growth and development of the WWCAM, former mayor of Ulaanbaatar Miyegombo Enkhbold was awarded honorary member-ship.
4. For services rendered for the growth and development of the WWCAM, mayor of Taebaek Hong Soon Il will be awarded honorary membership as of June, 2006..
5. The city of Prince George, Canada, was selected as the host city for the 14th World Winter Cities Conference for Mayors, to be held in 2010.
6. The host of this Conference, Mayor Yejing Zhu, and the citizens of Changchun who supported the administration of the Mayors Conference were praised for their efforts.


Winter Expo

1. Dates: January 15-16, 2006
2. Venue: Changchun Euro Asia Shopping Mall
3. Exhibitors: 200 businesses and organizations from 7 countries


Winter Cities Forum

1. Dates: January 15-17, 2006
2. Venue: Changchun Shangri-La Hotel
3. Speakers: 28 speakers from 18 cities in 6 countries


Member Cities of the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors

19 cities from 11 countries (As of March 2006)

Canada Prince George

Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jilin, Jixi, QJiliniqihar, Shenyang

Estonia Maardu
Greenland Nuuk
Japan Aomori, Sapporo
Korea Taebaek
Lithuania Kaunas
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Norway Tromsø
Russia Novosibirsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
United States Anchorage



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