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World Winter Cities Conference for Mayors

The World Winter Cities Conference for Mayors is held every two years to discuss livability in winter cities. Issues related to city planning comprise the main topics of the conference, which also involves exchanges of information and technology among participating mayors.


In principle, participation in the conference is restricted to mayors of member cities; however, non-member cities may also participate as observers.


The host city of a conference is selected from among candidate cities by vote at the General Assembly. 


11th Mayors Conference

11th Mayors Conference, Anchorage (2004)


Winter Expo & Winter Cities Forum

(1) Winter Expo
The host city can organize the Winter Expo in conjunction with the Mayors Conference. Cooperation of the host city and its businesses and organizations will bring forth an exhibition of various winter- and snow-related machines and products at the Expo, introducing a wide range of technology. The Winter Expo will play an important role as a stage of economic exchange for winter cities.


(2) Winter Cities Forum
The Mayors Conference host city has the opportunity to concurrently hold the Winter Cities Forum. Experts and academic researchers in various fields as well as citizens make presentations regarding winter lifestyle and city planning, and exchange their views with other participants.


List of Mayors Conferences

Conference Host City Period Participants
First Conference Sapporo, Japan Feb. 7-10, 1982

30 cities, 6 countries

Second Conference Shenyang, China Sep. 19-22, 1985

16 cities, 6 countries

Third Conference Edmonton, Canada Feb. 13-15, 1988 20 cities, 13 countries
Fourth Conference Tromso, Norway Mar. 2-4, 1990 22 cities, 11 countries
Fifth Conference Montreal, Canada Jan. 17-21, 1992 47 cities, 12 countries
Sixth Conference Anchorage, United States Mar. 5-10, 1994 30 cities, 10 countries
Seventh Conference Winnipeg, Canada Feb. 9-12, 1996 33 cities, 9 countries
Eighth Conference Harbin, China Jan. 15-18, 1998 49 cities, 10 countries
Ninth Conference Lulea/Kiruna, Sweden Feb. 12-16, 2000

26 cities, 10 countries

Tenth Conference Aomori, Japan Feb. 7-10, 2002 28 cities, 13 countries
Eleventh Conference

Anchorage, United States

Feb. 18-22, 2004 27 cities, 11 countries
Twelfth Conference

Changchun, China

Jan. 15-18, 2006 29 cities, 13 countries
Thirteenth Conference

Nuuk, Greenland

Jan. 18-20, 2008

22 cities, 8 countries

Fourteenth Conference

Maardu, Estonia

Jan. 20-22, 2010

18 cities, 11 countries 

Fifteenth Conference

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Jan. 13-15, 2012

13 cities, 7 countries

Sixteenth Conference

Hwacheon, Republic of Korea

Jan. 16-18, 2014

12 cities, 4 countries

Seventeenth Conference

Sapporo, Japan

Jul. 27-30, 2016

32 cities, 8 countries

Eighteenth Conference

Shenyang, China

Sep. 12-13, 2018

46 cities, 21 countries

Nineteenth Conference

Rovaniemi, Finland

Nov.5, 15-16, 2021

21 cities, 7 countries





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