Eighteentn Mayors Conference



The 18th WWCAM Mayors Conference was held in Shenyang, China over three days from September 12 to 14, 2018. This conference-which was held in Shenyang for the second time since the city hosted the Mayors Conference thirty three years ago in 1985-saw the participation of WWCAM member cities and observers from around the world, as well as friendship cities with ties to Shenyang. Participants shared case studies and presented their mid-term reports on their Environmental Action Goals. 


Period: Wednesday, September 12 – Thursday, September 13, 2019

Host City: Shenyang, China

Venue: New World Expo, Shangri-La Hotel

 46 cities from 21 countries (17 member cities from 7 countries)

 WWCAM Member Cities

Edmonton (Canada); Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jilin, Jixi, Mudanjiang, Qiqihar, Shenyang (China); Rovaniemi   (Finland); Matsumoto, Sapporo (Japan); Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia); Hwaceon, Inje, Taebaek (Republic of Korea); Norilsk (Russia)

 Non-Member Cities

Victoria (Australia); Garadagh (Azerbaijan); Minsk (Belarus); Vancouver (Canada); Kemi, Jämsä (Finland); Clermont-Ferrand, Guillames (France); Bavaria, Bremen, Breisgau (Germany); Hakodate, Kushiro (Japan); Jūrmala (Latvia); Rabat (Morocco); Braga (Portugal); Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon, Chuncheon, Gunsan, Gongju, Pyeongchang (Republic of Korea); Zrenjanin (Serbia); Jinja (Uganda); Andijan (Uzbekistan); Belfast (U.K.); Salt Lake City (U.S.A.); Florida (Uruguay)

Main Theme: Winter Cities, Making Life Better!


Keynote Speech

seven cities gave their keynote speeches and the main theme and sub-themes of the conference were presented.


Jiang Youwei, Mayor of Shenyang, spoke on initiatives concerning comprehensive urban development including urban-rural imbalances, structural adjustments in industry world which is partial to heavy industry, and a progressively-ageing population and welfare policies. Mikami, Director General for the Mayor’s Office for the City of Sapporo and Secretary-General for the WWCAM, introduced the Sapporo Sosei Square project as a case study for discussing a switch to low-carbon development and sustainable urban planning in times of disaster, efforts which are laid out in the city’s Urban Energy Master Plan.


Representatives of observer cities also gave presentations. The mayor of Rabat, Morocco, presented on efforts to shape Rabat into an environmentally friendly, sustainable city; the Mayor of Minsk, Belarus, presented an example of urban development centering on winter sports; the Vice Mayor of Seoul, South Korea discussed transportation policies for urban development; Suleyman Mikayilov, the Governor of Garadagh, Azerbaijan discussed the potential for Garadagh to blossom into a prominent industrial area as it possesses abundant tourism resources and natural resources; and the Mayor of Belfast, England, discussed their city planning vision for 2035.


The Mayor of Shenyang, Jiang Youwei, giving a greeting at the opening ceremony


Presentation of Case Studies

Rovaniemi, Finland, one of the WWCAM member cities, spoke about green energy initiatives using wood, peat, and hydropower as well as trends in amounts of electricity consumed. Harbin, China presented on various events which brighten up the winter season and where both domestic and international cultures coexist. Edmonton, Canada discussed changes in behavioral trends of its residents due to the effects of the city’s Winter City Strategy, which was entering its 5th year of implementation at the time, and points for further improvement. Hwacheon, South Korea discussed their Sancheoneo Ice Festival, which attracted 27,000 visitors from all over the world. Matsumoto, Japan shared their efforts which are oriented around Matsumoto Castel, a national treasure, and aim to foster a healthy city in which its citizens have longer healthy life expectancy. Norilsk, Russia introduced the contribution of Norilsk Nickel Corporation, which supports the local economy, and initiatives to enhance public facilities and services.


Of the observer cities, Clermont-Ferrand, France, which is home to the Michelin headquarters, discussed smart city policies. Vancouver, Canada presented their action plan for becoming the greenest city. Salt Lake City, shared the roles of their newly established economic development department and the city’s efforts to achieve 100% renewable energy for community electricity supply and an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.



Mid-term Report on Environmental Action Goals

Ten member cities (Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jixi, and Shenyang, China; Matsumoto and Sapporo, Japan; and Hwacheon, Inje, and Taebaek, South Korea) presented their mid-term reports on the status of each city’s efforts to carry out their Environmental Action Goals during the Working-Level Officials Meeting in January, 2018. In addition, several other cities also gave reports on their initiatives. Edmonton, Canada discussed conversion to renewable energy and measures taken to combat air pollution based on an environmental strategy adopted by the city in 2015, Jilin, China discussed efforts being undertaken to reduce particulate matter (PM2.5) and improve air quality as set out in in a three-year plan in effect in both the city and province of Jilin, Qiqihar, China discussed energy-saving initiatives and conversion to renewable sources of energy including solar power, wind power, and biomass power generation, and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, discussed the promotion of renewable, clean energy using subsidies. All cities will present their final reports at the Mayors Conference in Rovaniemi, Finland in 2020.


Shenyang Declaration and the Resolutions adopted

During the conference, the Shenyang Declaration, which was proposed by the City of Shenyang and the WWCAM Secretariat, was adopted with the approval of all member cities and representatives all participating cities, including observers, signed the declaration. During the signing, representatives signed the backdrop paneling at the venue and stood together for a commemorative photo in front of the paneling after all parties had signed. The draft resolution was unanimously adopted at the General Assembly and the Vice Mayor of Shenyang gave the closing remarks, adjourning the two-day-long conference.


Shenyang Declaration

 We, representatives from 44 cities and 20 countries, gather in Shenyang at the invitation of Shenyang Municipal People’s Government, to attend the 18th WWCAM Mayors Conference.
 Conforming to the trend of peaceful development and the strong momentum of regional cooperation, the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors, established in 1981, has evolved into a remarkable platform on which we share inspirations in city development, seek common ground and enhance mutual understanding and trust. The WWCAM now works as the efficient channel and mechanism to promote regional cooperation and common development. Built on the foundation of previous conferences, this conference warmly embraced not only member cities, but also winter cities facing the same challenges from across the world, thus injecting new vitality to this world cities network.
 ”Making Life Better,” clearly features not only the good desire and earnest pursuit of a better life for people around the world, but also the inescapable historical responsibility of city management. After in-depth discussion in topics including precise planning, detailed development and lean management, smart city construction, green development, and joint efforts for happy winter cities, we achieve positive outcomes in strengthening friendship, furthering exchange and cooperation, enhancing mutual understanding and trust, and reaching common ground.
 As the symbol of modern civilization, cities have made great contributions to the prosperity and development of the world. With the fast development of economic globalization, the internationalization of urban functions requires cities to be more interdependent. Countries of different cultural backgrounds and different levels of development need to enhance mutual understanding and mutual respect, and promote common development. We unanimously agree to promote friendly exchange and in-depth cooperation among cities, enhance mutual trust, and realize common development in the concept of opening up, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win outcomes.
 In the face of current challenges, we should break a new path of growth and generate new growth momentum. We will open a new path and expand new boundaries for economic development of world cities with new methods of innovation, structural reform, new industrial revolution and digital economy.
 We should forge ahead in the spirit of partnership which is the most valuable asset in international exchanges. Although we differ in national conditions, city conditions, and stages of development, and face different challenges, we all share the same wish to promote economic growth and the same vision for realizing common development. As long as we stick to the spirit of partnership, we will be able to overcome all difficulties and chart a new course for future growth.
 What’s past is prologue. We hereby jointly declare that we will join hands and strive forward together to write a new chapter of win-win cooperation. Let us stand at a higher starting point and embrace a new era of harmony with greater tolerance and openness. Let us make our cities more beautiful and create a happier life for our people!


Arctic Design Subcommittee

The Arctic Design Subcommittee was established in 2015 with Rovaniemi, Finland as the subcommittee secretariat. It was announced that all activities of the subcommittee were temporarily paused until the successor of Tarija Outila -who had been in charge of the subcommittee for many years and retired from her position at the city hall and changed employment to the University of Oulu in order to further deepen her research for the subcommittee – was appointed.


As the course of further development, the subcommittee announced it will include not just local municipalities but also universities, institutions of higher education, research facilities and the private sector in continuing to carry out activities.


Supplementary Events

Exchange and Cooperation Meeting for World Winter Cities Business Circles, Project Release, and Promotional Showcase
As a supplementary event to the WWCAM Mayors Conference, an exchange and cooperation meeting for business circles in winter cities around the world was held on September 12 at the Shangri-La Hotel. Over 50 representatives from organizations from countries and regions in Africa, South America, Asia, and Oceania attended and gave presentations about their respective projects, and individual business matching meetings were held. On September 13, an event entitled the Japan City and Tourism Promotional Showcase was held where the Japanese cities of Hakodate, Kushiro, Matsumoto, and Sapporo promoted the attractions and allures of their cities to participants, local media, and tourism agencies.


Shenyang International Friendship Gala Evening
Over 1000 guests, including both audience members and performers, gathered together in the Shengjing Grand Theater, and opera house in Shenyang, for this large-scale Shenyang International Friendship Gala Evening. In addition to displays of traditional Chinese music and acrobatics and performances from youth musicians of songs and music from various countries,    foreign residents in Shenyang presented their views on the appeals of Shenyang from a foreigner’s point of view.


Site Visits/Walking Tours
Participants toured the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium, which had been used as an official satellite venue to host soccer matches during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and is still used for sports matches and as a concert venue to this day. They also took a tour around the Wuli River Park-which lies on the north shore of the Hun River and is known as the “Mother River” by the locals- where they saw groups of local residents doing exercises for maintaining health such as various styles of the martial art of Tai Chi.



Shenyang Mayors Conference report (2019 WLOM)


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