Eighth Mayors Conference


Host City

Harbin, China (Mayor: Cao Guangliang)



Friendship Palace Hotel



January 15-18, 1998



49 cities from 10 countries

Edmonton, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Prince George, St. Albert, Winnipeg (Canada), Beijing, Changchun, Dalian, Daqing, Harbin, Heihe, Hohht, Jiamusi, Jilin, Jixi, Manzhouli, Mudanjiang, Qingdao, Qiqihar, Shenyang, Urumchi, Xi’an, Yakeshi, Yichun (China), Nuuk (Greenland), Kemi, Oulu (Finland), Aomori, Asahikawa, Niigata, Sapporo, Takikawa (Japan), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Nordkapp, Tromsø (Norway), Chita, Dudinka, Inta, Khabarovsk, Levozeko, Murmansk, Norilsk, Strezhevoy, Vladivostok (Russia), Kiruna, Luleå (Sweden), Anchorage, Minneapolis (United States)


Main Theme

Let Us Unite to Create a Winter World Kaleidoscope!


Themes and reporters

1. “What Winter Means to Senior Citizens and Children”: Cities of Winnipeg, Luleå and Harbin

2. “Develop and Exploit Winter Tourism Resources”: Cities of Anchorage, Shenyang, Tromsø and Sapporo

3. “Promoting the Culture of Ice and Snow”:  Cities of Aomori and Kiruna


New Board of Directors

 Mayor of Sapporo (re-elected)
Vice Presidents
 Mayor of Shenyang 
 Mayor of Edmonton

 Mayor of Tromsø (re-elected)

Standing Directors

 Mayor of Harbin

 Mayor of Luleå (newly elected)

 Mayor of Kiruna (newly elected)

Non-Standing Director

 Mayor of Stockholm


 Mayor of Anchorage (newly elected)



1. WinterNet Subcommittee by Edmonton

The WinterNet Subcommittee reported that they had finally finished their role as technical know-how provider. At the meeting, the mayors approved a motion that the association secretariat (Sapporo) take over the responsibility of information exchange among member cities via Internet if no other city would take over the role of the WinterNet Subcommittee Secretariat.

2. Waste Recycling Subcommittee by Luleå

3. Economic Expansion Subcommittee by Tromsø

4. Winter Recreation and Tourism Subcommittee by Anchorage


Selection of the Host City of the 2002 Conference of Mayors and Showcase

Aomori, Japan, was chosen as the host city for the tenth Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors and the Winter Cities Showcase for 2002.



1. To merge the secretariats of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities (IAMNC) and of the International Winter Cities Committee (IWCC). Details of the merger will be discussed by the two secretariats.

2. IAMNC will promote contact and information exchange with the United Nations and other international organizations.

3. Our appreciation is extended to the city of Edmonton for its leading role in the development of WinterNet. Member cities should actively utilize the research results posted on the WinterNet.

4. The tenth International Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors will be hosted by the city of Aomori, Japan in 2002.

5. Our thanks are expressed to the citizens of Harbin for their support in hosting this conference.

6. Our thanks to Mayor Cao Guangling and Deputy Mayor Yue Yuquan of the city of Harbin, the People’s Republic of China. At the same time the Association paid a tribute to Harbin People’s Municipal Government for preparing this Conference.

7. The Association paid tribute to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of the People’s Republic of China for issuing postcards to over 20 countries in commemoration of the Conference.


Winter Cities Showcase

1. Sixth International Winter Expo

(91 booths from 8 countries/15,000 visitors)

Winter items, snow removal equipment and technology, winter building materials and energy-saving technology were exhibited. Exhibitors included 16 companies and 10 organizations from Hokkaido, Japan.

2. Seventh Winter Cities Forum

Specialists from various countries gathered to discuss architecture and building materials, food culture and storage of food, use of ice and snow resources, public health, and environmental problems and sustainable development.


Events held in conjunction with the Conference

1. Activities on ice, winter swimming in the Songhua River and snow sculpture exhibition on Sun Island

2. Ice Lantern Festival and the International Ice Sculpture Competition

3. Exhibition of Chinese postage stamps commemorating the Mayors Conference

4. Concert commemorating the Mayors Conference


Member Cities of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities

21 cities from 9 countries (As of January 18, 1998)

Austria Innsbruck
Canada Edmonton, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Prince George
China Changchun, Harbin, Jilin, Jiamusi, Qiqihar, Shenyang
Greenland Nuuk
Japan Aomori, Sapporo, Takikawa
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Norway Tromsø
Sweden Kiruna, Luleå, Stockholm
United States Anchorage



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