Fourth Mayors Conference


Host City

Tromso, Norway (Mayor: Erlend Rian)



Festival Hall



March 2-4, 1990



Member cities: 20 cities from 10 countries

Innsbruck (Austria), Edmonton, Hull, Montreal (Canada), Harbin, Shenyang (China), Nuuk (Greenland), Oulu, Tampere (Finland), Albertville (France), Takikawa, Sapporo (Japan), Lillehammer, Oslo, Tromso (Norway), Lulea, Stockholm (Sweden), Anchorage, Minneapolis (United States)

Observers: 2 cities from 2 countries

Yellowknife (Canada), Leeds (U.K.)


New Non-Standing Committee Members

Innsbruck, Minneapolis


Main Theme

Warm Winter Cities – quality of life and economic development


Themes and reporters

1. Urban Transportation in Winter

A Transportation System for the People …… Oslo
Keeping Edmonton Mobile in Winter …… Edmonton
Techniques Related to Urban Transportation Measures in Winter …… Sapporo

2. Comprehensive City Planning

Comprehensive City Building …… Anchorage
Snow Crater: permanent disposal site for unwanted snow …… Hull

3. Development of Winter Technology

Technical Development Based on District Character …… Luleå
A City: Call It Winter …… Montréal
Aiming to Be a City of Technology …… Oulu
Nuuk’s Long-Term City Planning …… Nuuk

4. Art and Culture of Winter Cities

The Blessing of Winter Beauty ……Harbin
Environment for Art and Culture in the Winter Cities …… Lillehammer
Art and Culture Provide Character and Vitality to the Community …… Minneapolis

Other Reports

Survey on Snow Removal Conditions in Northern Cities ……… Sapporo


Events held in conjunction with the Conference

1. ’90 Winter Cities Showcase
 (1) Winter Cities Forum ’90
  Participants: About 1,000 people from 20 countries
 (2) Winter Expo ’90
  310 corporations and organizations from 7 countries
 (3) Winter Cities Award Competition
2. Fourth Arctic Housing Expo


Supporting Events

The city of Tromsø named this year as “Tromsø Winter Cities Year ’90,” and positioned about 30 conventions planned this year as supporting events of the Northern Intercity Conference and Winter Cities Showcase.

Northern Light Classical Music Festival
World Speed Skating Championships (spring)
PIARC International Winter Road Congress
United Nations ECE Colloquium on Cold Climate Housing
National Council of Municipal Housing Administration
World Congress of Indigenous Peoples


Cultural Events

Theater shows and concerts were presented every day.


Outcome of the Conference

1. The report, “Survey on Snow Removal Conditions in Northern Cities,” presented by the city of Sapporo, created a sensation among the participants as each city recognized the necessity of stronger cooperation in studying snow removal. Taking into consideration the proposal made by the city of Sapporo, it was decided to establish the Winter Urban Environmental Research Subcommittee, consisting of technocrats from seven participating cities. The first meeting was held in Sapporo in February 1991.
2. The city of Edmonton suggested the necessity of regular information exchange among northern cities, including the establishment of a database for winter city problems and solutions. It was decided to continue further study on this subject.
3. It was decided to hold a preliminary meeting for better operation of the Northern Intercity Conference and in preparation for the next Northern Intercity Conference. It was decided that the Preliminary Conference for the Montréal Conference would be held in Sapporo.


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