Ninth Mayors Conference


Host City

Luleå, Sweden (Mayor: Ulla Ölvebro) Kiruna

Sweden (Mayor: Lars Tornman)



Arcus Hall, Luleå, Sweden

Congress Center, Kiruna, Sweden



February 12-16, 2000



26 cities from 10 countries

Zenica (Bosnia), Prince George (Canada), Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jixi, Shenyang (China), Nuuk (Greenland), Kemi, Oulu (Finland), Aomori, Sapporo (Japan), Taebaek (Korea), Toromsø, Bardu, Målselv (Norway), Kiruna, Luleå, Stockholm, Älvsbyn, Boden, Haparanda, Pajala, Piteå (Sweden), Anchorage, Minneapolis (United States)


Main Theme

Sustainable Development in Winter Cities



1. “Countermeasures against natural disasters, support networks among IAMNC members during natural disasters”: City of Harbin

*It is resolved, after exchanging opinions among mayors, to establish a subcommittee to continue research and to place a secretariat in Sapporo.

2. “Snow removal and civil cooperation”: Cities of Prince George and Nuuk.

*It is resolved, after exchanging opinions among mayors, to establish a subcommittee to continue research and to place a secretariat in Prince George.


Board of Directors

 Mayor of Sapporo (re-elected)
Vice Presidents
 Mayor of Tromsø

 Mayor of Shenyang  (re-elected)

 Mayor of Prince George (newly elected)

Standing Directors

 Mayor of Luleå

 Mayor of Kiruna

 Mayor of Aomori (newly elected)

Non-Standing Director

 Mayor of Stockholm (re-elected)


 Mayor of Anchorage



1. Recycling Subcommittee by Luleå

2. Winter Recreation and Tourism Subcommittee by Anchorage

3. Economic Expansion Subcommittee by Tromsø

* Subcommittee secretariat cities made final reports of their research and studies.


Selection of the Host City of the 2004 Conference of Mayors and Showcase

Anchorage, U.S.A, was chosen as the host city of the 11th Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors, 2004 and the Winter Cities Showcase 2004.



1. In order to revitalize the development of the IAMNC as we enter the 21st century, we must reconfirm the basic principled upon which our association was founded, in conjunction with strong group efforts and an aim to expand the number of members.

2. The role of secretariat of the Subcommittee for Countermeasure against Natural Disasters to be newly assumed by the city of Prince George. Researcg period to extend up to four years. Overall increase in activity within subcommittees to be general association goal. 

3. Winter City-related information/homepage of member cities to be linked to the newly established WinterNet in order to enhance efficient exchange of information.

4. The 11th International Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors will be hosted by the city of Anchorage.

5. Mr. Kjell Mickelsson, former mayor of Luleå, having made significant contributions to the development of the IAMNC, shall be granted honorary membership.

6. Ms. Ulla Ölvebro, mayor of Luleå, and Mr. Lars Tornman, mayor of Kiruna, who jointly hosted the 9th Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors, and the citizens of Luleå and Kiruna, who supported its conference, shall be greatly honored.


Winter Cities Showcase

1. Winter Expo 2000

 a. Luleå (venue: Arcus Hall)

Visitors: Approximately 8,500

Exhibitors: 185 booths from seven countries

Focus of Exhibition: snow melting technology, environment/recycling, public works/building construction techniques under extreme weather, etc.

*25 businesses and 13 organizations participated from Hokkaido and Aomori, Japan.

 b. Kiruna (venue: Congress Center)

Visitors: Approximately 5,000

Exhibitors: 20 groups from 13 countries

*Forum-related items by European countries were mainly displayed.

2. Winter Cities Forum 2000

 a. Luleå

Attendants: Approximately 1,800

*Specialists made presentations about energy, environment and building construction technology and opinions were exchanged between presenter and audience.

 b. Kiruna

Attendants: Approximately 800

*Specialists made presentations about winter transportation and space research, and opinions were exchanged between presenters and audience.


Member Cities of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities

22 cities from 10 countries (As of February 16, 2000)

Canada Prince George, Winnipeg, Yellowknife

Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jilin, Jixi, QJiliniqihar, Shenyang

Greenland Nuuk
Estonia Maardu
Japan Aomori, Sapporo, Takikawa
Korea Taebaek
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Norway Tromsø
Sweden Kiruna, Luleå, Stockholm
United States Anchorage


9th conference Luleå/Kiruna

9th Conference Luleå/Kiruna(2000)


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