Second Mayors Conference


Host City

Shenyang, China (Mayor: Wu Disheng)



International Conference Hall Shenyang Guest House



September 19-22, 1985



Member cities: 10 cities from 6 countries

Edmonton (Canada), Changchun, Harbin, Shenyang (China), Munich (Germany), Turin (Italy), Takikawa, Sapporo (Japan), Chicago, Portland (United States)

Observers: 6 cities from China


Keynote Report

“Result of the 1st Northern Intercity Conference and its application” …… Mayor of Sapporo


Themes and reporters

1. Planning and construction of the northern city

Unified planning and comprehensive control – an effective way of transforming an old city …… Shenyang
Appropriate city size and urban planning …… Sapporo
Urbanism and construction (Development of urban environment which is not affected by climate) …… Edmonton
The new economics of urban management (Transportation, air pollution, energy saving) …… Chicago

2. Utilization and exploitation of energy and economic development in northern cities

Energy conservation and economic growth …… Portland
Utilization and exploitation of energy in the northern cities …… Munich

3. Afforestation and cultural activities in the northern cities

The system and characteristics of afforestation …… Changchun
Afforestation and cultural life…… Edmonton
Organize activities centered on ice and snow, liven up the cultural life of the citizens …… Harbin

4. Exploitation and utilization of water resources, preservation and excavation of cultural relics in the northern

Utilization of river water – On protecting and making use of the river environment …… Takikawa
Promoting urban construction and resources of historical relics…… Shenyang
The utilization of industrial waste water and high-tech center projects of the Turin Trade Center …… Turin


Events held in conjunction with the Conference

First International Goodwill Junior Sports Meet among sister cities: soccer


Outcome of the Conference

1. The keynote report presented by the city of Sapporo, “Result of the First Northern Intercity Conference and its Application,” attracted the attention of the participants by suggesting that international conferences can be something more than just temporary events.
2. The “International Winter Cities Forum” initiated by Arni Fullerton, city planner, who participated in the Shenyang Conference, was held in Edmonton in February 1986. This forum aimed at providing scholars, researchers, and businessmen an opportunity for global study and discussion. The mayor of Sapporo delivered a keynote speech entitled “Sapporo Initiative” at this Forum.
3. Using the idea from the First Conference of using sodium lamps for energy conservation, sodium lamps were installed along the street running from the airport to the guest house in Shenyang.


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