Seventh Mayors Conference


Host City

Winnipeg, Canada (Mayor: Susan A. Thompson)



Winnipeg Convention Centre



February 9-12, 1996



33 cities from 9 countries

Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Churchill, Teulon, Edmonton, St. Albert, Strathcona, Prince George, Saskatoon, Montréal, Quebec City, Yellowknife, White Horse (Canada), Shenyang, Harbin, Changchun, Jiamusi (China), Nuuk (Greenland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Sapporo, Takikawa, Aomori (Japan), Tromsø, Kautokeino (Norway), Bratsk, UstIlimsk (Russia), Luleå, Kiruna, Stockholm (Sweden), Anchorage, Marquette, Grand Forks (United States)


Main Theme

Global Living – Living, Working and Playing in the Winter City


Themes and reporters

1. Economic development

Keynote speech: “Warming the North for Business Development” … Alvhild Yttergard, Mayor of Tromsø

2. Accessibility

Keynote speech: “Accessibility in Winter Cities” …… Kalle Konkkola, Worldwide Chairperson of Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI)

3. Leisure and recreation

Keynote speech: “How are the longterm needs of winter-city citizens being met?”…… Ms. Diana Smith, President of DMS Consulting Co., Ltd.


New Board of Directors

 Mayor of Sapporo
Vice Presidents
 Mayor of Tromsø
 Mayor of Shenyang (re-elected)
 Mayor of Edmonton (re-elected)
Standing Directors
 Mayor of Winnipeg
 Mayor of Harbin (newly elected)
Non-Standing Director
 Mayor of Stockholm (newly elected)
 Mayor of Luleå


Mayors’ Conference and Forum

At the Opening and Closing Ceremonies joint plenary sessions were held for the first time for the participants of the Mayors’ Conference and Winter Cities Forum. Keynote speeches were also delivered.


Opening Plenary Session
“Accessibility – Experiences of a round-the-world trip by wheel chair” Keynote speaker: Mr. Rick Hansen (a physically disabled resident of Vancouver)


Closing Plenary Session
“Summary of the Winnipeg Winter Cities Showcase ’96” Dr. Nola-Kate Seymoar, Deputy to the President of the International Institute for Sustainable Development in Winnipeg



1. WinterNet Subcommittee by Edmonton
2. Waste Recycling Subcommittee by Luleå
3. Research on the Use of Tax Revenues to Promote Tourism by the Secretariat


Selection of the Host City of the 2000 Conference of Mayors and Showcase

There were three candidate city groups to host the ninth Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors and Forum: Aomori, Japan; Luleå and Kiruna (joint hosts), Sweden; Reykjavik, Iceland. Joint hosting by Luleå and Kiruna was approved by the Officials’ vote.



1. In order to promote tourism in northern cities, a research subcommittee shall be established and Anchorage shall function as its Secretariat.
2. In order to promote economic expansion in northern cities, a research sub-committee shall be established and Tromsø shall function as its secretariat.
3. WinterNet developed by the Edmonton Secretariat is the information system of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities. Member cities shall be encouraged to use the system and to build and expand their individual city information data base.

4. Participating cities in the Winnipeg Conference shall take into consideration city planning and accessibility requirements as outlined in the Disabled Peoples’ International Proposal.
5. The secretariats of IAMNC and Winter Cities Association are requested to dicuss how the IAMNC and WCA can work together more closely while respecting the integrity of the individual organizations.
6. Persons listed below who have made contributions to the development of the IAMNC shall be granted honorary membership: Dr. Donald Fraser, former Mayor of Minneapolis, Mr. Jean Dore, former Mayor of Montréal, Mr. Erlend Rian, former Mayor of Tromsø, Mr. Tom Fink, former Mayor of Anchorage, Mr. Romuald Niescher, former Mayor of Innsbruck, and Ms. Jan Reimer, former Mayor of Edmonton.
7. Kiruna and Luleå, Sweden shall jointly host the Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors in 2000.
8. Ms. Susan A. Thompson, Mayor of Winnipeg, who hosted the seventh Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors, shall be greatly honored.
9. The citizens of Winnipeg, who supported the Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors, shall be greatly honored.


Winter Cities Showcase

1. Fifth International Winter Expo

(300 exhibitors from various corporations and organizations from 10 countries/10,000 visitors)

Twenty-six corporations and twelve public organizations from Japan, mainly from Hokkaido, exhibited marking the largest number of Japanese exhibitors in its history.

2. Sixth Winter Cities Forum

Specialists and professionals from various fields gathered from around the world, and lectures were delivered on various winter city-related issues such as leisure, recreation/entertainment, long durable housing, remote areas, environmental protection, telecommunication, transportation and sports. Very active exchange of opinions followed the talks.


Events held in conjunction with the Conference

1. Le Festival du Voyageur
2. Performing Arts Showcase – Northern Lights, A Galaxy of Stars
3. NHL Ice Hockey Game
4. Home Visit Program


Member Cities of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities

20 cities from 9 countries (As of January 1, 1997)

Austria Innsbruck
Canada Edmonton, Winnipeg, Yellowknife
China Changchun, Harbin, Jilin, Jiamusi, Qiqihar, Shenyang
Greenland Nuuk
Iceland Reykjavik
Japan Aomori, Sapporo, Takikawa
Norway Tromsø
Sweden Kiruna, Luleå, Stockholm
United States Anchorage



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