Sixth Mayors Conference


Host City

Anchorage, United States (Mayor: Tom Fink)



Hotel Captain Cook



March 5-10, 1994



30 cities from 10 countries

Innsbruck (Austria), Calgary, Edmonton, Hull, Montréal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Yellowknife (Canada), Harbin, Jiamusi, Jilin, Qiqihar, Shenyang (China), Nuuk (Greenland), Helsinki (Finland), Aomori, Chitose, Sapporo, Takikawa (Japan), Tromsø (Norway), Bratsk (Russia), Kiruna, Luleå, Stockholm (Sweden), Anchorage, Barrow, Bethel, Kenai, Peninsula, Marquette, Valdez (United States)


Main Theme

North to the Future


Themes and reporters

1. Communications

Keynote speech: “Developments in Communications Technology” …… E. R. Kerkeslager, Vice-President for Technology, AT&T

Case report …… Anchorage

2. Transportation

Keynote speech: “International Air Commerce” …… Jeffrey Shane, Attorney, Law Offices of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering

Case report …… Tromsø

3. Health

Keynote speech: “Changes in the Global Climate” …… Sallie Baliunas, Hoover Institution

Case report …… Winnipeg

4. Business

Keynote speech: “Marketing Winter Destinations and Winter Tourism” …… Dennis Brandon, President, Alaska Visitors Association

Case report …… Jilin


Inauguration of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities

Due to the fact that the Charter of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities became effective on January 1, 1994 and its selected officials, project plans, and budgets gained approval at the first general assembly
on March 7, 1994, the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities began functioning officially.


 President Mayor of Sapporo (Japan)
 Vice-Presidents Mayors of Shenyang (China), Edmonton (Canada), Tromsø (Norway)
 Standing Directors Mayors of Anchorage (United States), Winnipeg (Canada)
 Non-Standing Director Mayor of Innsbruck (Austria)
 Auditor Mayor of Luleå (Sweden)
 Secretariat International Relations Department, City of Sapporo


Subcommittee Activities

1. WinterNet (International Winter Cities Information Network) Project …… Edmonton

The city of Edmonton presented an overview plan of the WinterNet while demonstrating the system.

Twenty-four cities signed the resolution to establish a subcommittee to promote the project, locate its secretariat in Edmonton, and join the WinterNet.

2. Report from the Winter Urban Environmental Research Subcommittee ……Sapporo

The Technical Manual on Winter Road Management was presented at the Conference, which was the product of four years of research and study conducted by the Subcommittee. This final report concludes that there is as yet no practical substitute de-icer for salt in terms of cost and effectiveness. However, it urges the reduction of salt usage for environmental reasons. The manual contains case reports of various winter cities of the world.

3. Waste Recycling Subcommittee established

According to the results of the questionnaire sent to various winter cities, “controlling the source of urban waste and recycling technology” was chosen as the second-most important issue to deal with, after the issue of snow removal. Consequently, the association resolved to establish a Waste Recycling Subcommittee to conduct research and studies, while approving Luleå as the secretariat.


Selection of the Host City of the 1998 Conference of Mayors and Showcase

In the past, applications to host the Northern Intercity Conference and the Winter Cities Showcase were separately received and taken care of by the former Northern Intercity Conference Committee and the International Winter
Cities Committee, respectively. However, the system was streamlined this time, and the host city selection criteria, common to the Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors and the Winter Cities Showcase, was established to define various conditions to host the events. According to this new system, applications to host the events are jointly received by both organizations, and candidate cities make presentations on their candidacy. Consequently, the
selection of the host city is made at the Conference.

Of the three candidate cities, Harbin (China), Yellowknife (Canada), and Canada’s Capital Region (composed of eight municipalities, including Ottawa and Hull), Harbin was selected by a vote of the officials as the city to host the 1998 Conference of Mayors and Showcase.



1. A subcommittee on the WinterNet will be established and the city of Edmonton will serve as the Secretariat for the Subcommittee.
2. A subcommittee on urban waste recycling technology will be established and the city of Luleå will serve as the Secretariat for the Subcommittee.
3. The city of Montréal will conduct a study on the subject of urban winter cities infrastructure rehabilitation and will report on its outcome at the Conference of Mayors to be held in Winnipeg in 1996.
4. The secretariat will research the use of tax revenues to promote tourism and report on the results of this study at the Conference of Mayors to be held in Winnipeg in 1996.
5. Member cities of the association encourage governments to negotiate multilateral air agreements between circumpolar countries to support commerce between the winter cities.
6. The late Takeshi Itagaki, a former mayor of Sapporo, is honored for his contributions to the Winter Cities Movement and for his efforts which have led to the establishment of this association.
7. The late Wu Disheng, a former mayor of Shenyang, is honored for his contributions to the Winter Cities Movement and to this association.
8. The parties concerned are urged to seek a swift and peaceful resolution to the crisis in Sarajevo (which was a Non-Standing Member of the Northern Intercity Conference Committee) in the former nation of Yugoslavia.
9. The city of Harbin will host the 1998 Conference of Mayors.
10. The association honored Mayor Tom Fink and commended the citizens of the Municipality of Anchorage for hosting the Sixth Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors.


Winter Cities Showcase Anchorage ’94

1. Fifth Winter Cities Forum

(Participants: 600)

Lectures were delivered by specialists and professionals of various fields on 36 different themes, at the plenary session and at four sub-session meetings for Business, Communications, Health and Life. The talks were followed by a very interactive exchange of ideas and opinions.

2. Fourth International Winter Expo

(135 exhibitors from various corporations and organizations from six countries / 11,000 visitors)

Twenty-four corporations and ten public organizations from Japan exhibited a Japanese booth entitled “Top of Japan”. Major items displayed were products related to snow melting, environmental protection and recycling. High-tech information was presented in accordance with the main theme of the Conference of Mayors. Many business agreements were made there.


Events held in conjunction with the Conference

1. Fifth Annual International Ice Carving Competition
2. Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Start
3. Seventh Annual Tour of Anchorage Ski Race
4. International Music Festival]
5. Musical Theatre
6. Northern Lights Aurora Show
7. Home Visit Program


Other Events

At the Winter Cities Anchorage ’94 Opening Ceremony, a commemorative medal was awarded posthumously by Mayor Tom Fink of the Municipality of Anchorage to the late Takeshi Itagaki, former Chairman of the Northern Intercity Conference Committee (former mayor of Sapporo) in honor of his contributions.


Member Cities of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities

21 cities from 8 countries (As of June 26, 1995)

Austria Innsbruck
Canada Edmonton, Hull, Winnipeg, Yellowknife
China Changchun, Harbin, Jilin, Jiamusi, Qiqihar, Shenyang
Greenland Nuuk
Japan Aomori, Sapporo, Takikawa
Norway Tromsø
Sweden Kiruna, Luleå, Stockholm
United States Anchorage, Barrow



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