Tenth Mayors Conference


Host City

Aomori, Japan (Mayor: Seizo Sasaki)



Aomori, Kaisenkaku, Aomori City Cultural Hall



February 7-10, 2002



28 cities from 13 countries

Prince George, Sault Ste. Marie (Canada), Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jilin, Jixi, Qiqihar, Shenyang (China), Maardu (Estonia), Kemi (Finland), Nuuk (Greenland), Tehran (Iran), Aomori, Sapporo, Takikawa, Hakodate, Chitose, Yokote (Japan), Taebaek, Pyongtaek (Korea), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Tromsø (Norway), Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia), Kiruna, Luleå (Sweden), Anchorage (United States)


Main Theme

Fostering Vibrant Northern Living: Environment, Culture, and Lifestyle


Board of Directors

 Mayor of Sapporo (re-elected)
Vice Presidents

 Mayor of Shenyang 

 Mayor of Prince George

 Mayor of Tromsø (re-elected)

Standing Directors

 Mayor of Aomori

 Mayor of Anchorage (newly elected)

Non-Standing Director

 Mayor of Kiruna (newly elected)


 Mayor of Ulaanbaatar (newly elected)


Change in Member Cities

Withdrawals: Winnipeg, Yellowknife (Canada), Stockholm (Sweden)


Revitalization of the IAMNC

The following three points were decided regarding the revitalization of the IAMNC:
1. Revitalize the IAMNC based on the following three pillars:

Structural revitalization
Revitalization of existing projects
Creation of new projects

2. Discuss details of the revitalization plan at a Working-Level Officials Meeting and hold the first meeting within the year 2002.

3. Hold “Cooperative Tourism Promotion” within the year 2002 as the pilot project of the revitalization plan.


Establishment of Subcommittees

Anchorage proposed the establishment of a subcommittee to investigate measures against terrorism in northern cities, and it was decided that the secretariat for the subcommittee would be based in Anchorage to coordinate activities.


Mayors Conference

Main theme: “Sustainable Winter Cities 21”


(1) Opening Session

Keynote speech

Theme: “Implementing Sustainable Futures in Cities” – Lessons from Policy and Practice –
Lecturer: Professor Colin Fudge, Vice Chancellor and Dean, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of the West of England

Presenting cities and themes

Jiamusi: “Environmental Protection with Sustainable Development of Jiamusi City”
Kiruna: “Kiruna-ideas on how to develop the ideal winter city”
Anchorage: “E-Government”
Aomori: “Compact Cities”

(2) Sectional Sessions

 Sectional Session A: “Revitalization of Central Urban Area”

Participating cities

Changchun, Harbin, Jilin (China), Taebaek (Korea), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Prince George (Canada), Tromsø (Norway), Anchorage (USA), Kemi (Finland), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk (Russia), Yokote, Aomori (Japan)

Presenting cities and themes

Changchun: “Revitalization of the Central Urban Arena in City Development”
Tromsø: “Urban City Development in Tromsø”
Jilin: “Measures of Revitalization of Central Urban Area”
*Conceptual discussions from many points of view were held about what kind of urban strategies at which winter cities should aim and about central urban areas that follow this strategy.

 Sectional Session B: “Urban System with the Less Negative Impacts on Environment”

Participating cities

Jiamusi, Qiqihar (China), Maardu (Estonia), Kiruna, Luleå (Sweden), Nuuk (Greenland), Anchorage (United States), Sapporo, Takikawa (Japan)

Presenting cities and themes

Sapporo: “Sapporo Basic Environmental Plan,” “Practical Cases of Efficient Use in Sapporo” – District
heat service utilities and cooling projects in urban area –
Takikawa: “Practical Cases of Efficient Use in Takikawa” – Methane gas generation
*Cities traded introductions about their own situations and discussed what kind of city system planning winter cities should take up in order to reduce the burden on the environment.

(3) Plenary Session

・While holding comprehensive discussions based on the reports from Sectional Sessions A and B aiming at “Sustainable City Planning,” a Joint Statement was proposed aiming toward the theme of the conference
“Sustainable Winter Cities 21.”

・Aomori proposed the establishment of a subcommittee to investigate effective measures for sustainable city planning, and it was decided that the secretariat for the subcommittee would be based in Aomori to coordinate activities.

(4) Round-up Forum

Information was mutually exchanged about the discussions at the Mayors Conference and Winter Cities Forum. The Aomori Conference was concluded overall, and a Joint Statement was proposed at the Plenary Session.



Secretariats from the subcommittees presented their interim reports.

1. Subcommittee for Countermeasures Against Natural Disasters by Sapporo
2. Subcommittee for Snow Management by Prince George


Selection of the Host City for the 12th IAMNC Conference

It was decided that the city of Changchun in China would be the host city for the 12th IAMNC Conference in 2006.



1. In the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities, member cities will cooperate with each other and make the greatest efforts possible to realize “winter cities that ensure sustainable development” based on the “Joint Statement” declared at this Mayors Conference.
2. Basic policies of IAMNC revitalization to be reviewed for further development of the association, and the revitalization issue is to be continuously discussed with administrative officials in attendance at the Working-Level Meeting.
3. Collaborative tourism promotion by member cities to be implemented in FY 2002 as a pilot project of the IAMNC revitalization plans.
4. Subcommittee designed to research effective policies for creating winter cities that ensure sustainable development will be established to study specific measures. The role of its secretariat is to be assumed by the City of Aomori.
5. Subcommittee designed to research effective measures against terrorism in northern cities will be established. The role of its secretariat is to be assumed by the city of Anchorage.
6. The 12th Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors 2006 will be hosted by the city of Changchun.
7. Mr. Seizo Sasaki, Mayor of Aomori, who hosted the 10th Northern Intercity Conference of Mayors, and the citizens of Aomori who supported conference shall be greatly honored.


Joint Statement

We, the member cities of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities, will cooperate with each other and make the greatest efforts possible in order to realize “winter cities that ensure sustainable development” while
reaffirming our fundamental principle of “winter is a resource and asset” and revitalizing our activities. We also call for all people of northern regions to take on the challenge of constructing cities that ensure sustainable development.


February 2002
International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities


Winter Cities Showcase

1. Eighth International Winter Expo

Main theme: Northern Lifestyle and the Industry and Life of Winter Cities

Exhibitors: 72 business and groups from 7 countries 339 people
Participants: 14,069
Business discussions: 2,232
Exhibitors’ fields: environment, housing, snow and ice, welfare, information, etc.

2.Ninth Winter Cities Forum

Main theme: “Seeking Sustainability”
Registrants: 59 cities from 11 countries, 182 people
Participants: 3,499

 (1) Opening Forum

Theme: “Coexistence Between the Earth and Humanity: Examining Lifestyles of the 21st Century”
Lecturer: Mr. MOHRI Mamoru, Director of National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation/Astronaut

 (2) City Planning & Lifestyle Forum and Citizens Forum

*Eight city planning & lifestyle forums were held based on the key words of “energy,” “community design,”
“lifestyle,” and “traffic.”
*Two citizens forums were held with the themes of “Possibility of YUKIGUNIGAKU” and “KE-YA-GU: Ideal Relationship for Promotion of Genderequal Society.”

 (3) Health Promotion Forum

A keynote speech and panel discussions were held with the theme “Health for All Winter Cities.”
・Keynote speech
Theme: “Healthy City: New City Policy for Enhancing the Human Well-being”
Lecturer: Professor Ilona Kickbusch, Yale University School of Medicine, USA
・Panel Discussion
Discussions were held among the mayors of Copenhagen and Aomori, representatives from citizen groups, and Mayors Conference participants.


Events held in conjunction with the Conference

1. Winter Cities Art Exhibition: Jan. 26 – Feb. 10
2. Winter Cities Photograph Display: Jan. 26 – Feb. 10
3. AOMORI Winter Festival: 2002 Feb. 9 – Feb. 11
4. National Elementary School Snowball Fight Tournament: Feb. 10


Member Cities of the International Association of Mayors of Northern Cities

19 cities from 10 countries (As of February 10, 2002)

Canada Prince George

Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jilin, Jixi, QJiliniqihar, Shenyang

Estonia Maardu
Greenland Nuuk
Japan Aomori, Sapporo, Takikawa
Korea Taebaek
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Norway Tromsø
Sweden Kiruna, Luleå
United States Anchorage


Tenth Mayors Conference, Aomori

Tenth Mayors Conference, Aomori(2002)


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