Revitalization Project


1. Collaborative Project

At the eleventh Mayors Conference in Anchorage in 2004, it was resolved that Collaborative Projects such as tourism promotion and cultural exchange will be carried out. Details of the projects will be decided at the Working-Level Officials Meetings.


For past projects, Member Cities have cooperated to promote tourism in each city.


2004 Collaborative Project

2005 Collaborative Project

2006 Collaborative Project


Collaborative Projects

Project Venue Duration of Events Participants
Tourism Promotion 2002* Yokohama, Japan

 Sept. 20-22, 2002

9 cities from 6 countries
Tourism Promotion 2004 Yokohama, Japan Sept. 24-26, 2004 6 cities from 4 countries
Tourism Promotion 2005 Yokohama, Japan Sept. 22-24, 2005 6 cities from 5 countries
Tourism Promotion 2006

Beijing, China

 June 22-24, 2006

5 cities from 3 countries



2. Member Cities Initiatives

Project City Duration of Project
WWCAM Promotional Project Hwacheon, Republic of Korea


(Hwacheon also hosted exhibition space in 2015)




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