2015 Working-Level Officials Meeting in Sapporo

The Working-Level Officials Meeting (WLOM) of the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors (WWCAM) was held in Sapporo on July 30 and 31 to listen to and to discuss plans for the seventeenth Mayors Conference, which will be hosted by the city of Sapporo, Japan, in July 2016.



July 30-31, 2015



ANA Hotel Sapporo (Sapporo, Japan)



Member cities: 14 cities from 6 countries (40 people)

Changchun, Harbin, Jiamusi, Jixi, Qiqihar, Shenyang (China), Maardu (Estonia), Rovaniemi (Finland), Matsumoto, Sapporo (Japan), Hwacheon, Inje, Taebaek (Republic of Korea), Anchorage (United States)

Observers: 2 cities (4people)

Iwamizawa, Chitose (Japan)


Meeting Topics

(1) Discussion on plans for the 17th Mayors Conference
Member cities discussed the plans for the 17th Mayors Conference in July 2016 proposed by the host city, Sapporo of Japan.

(2) Revitalization project report by the city of Hwacheon, Republic of Korea
Hwacheon gave a final report on its WWCAM PR Project.

Revitalization project of Hwacheon, Republic of Korea


(3) Report on Environmental Action Goals set for the Next WWCAM Mayors Conference
Based on the agreement of Hwacheon Mayors Conference in January 2014, each member city gave a report of the action goals for environmental protection that has been set.

Report on action goals for environmental protection

(4) Discussion on the operation of the WWCAM
(5) Introduction of a new WWCAM member city : Rovaniemi (Finland), Maardu (Estonia)
The city of Rovaniemi, which became a member in October 2014, and the city of Maardu, which became a member in June 2015, gave each presentation on their city. 


Subcommittee on Arctic Design

As subcommittee secretariat, Rovaniemi (Finland) announced the activity plan for the Subcommittee on Arctic Design which was newly established in February 2015.
The contents of the plan, please refer to the following page.

The activity plan for the Subcommittee of Arctic Design


Announcement of the 18th Mayors Conference Host Ciy

As the 18th host city of the World Winter Cities Mayors Conference to be held in 2018, there was a candidate from Shenyang (China). There was the presentation of the held plan at WLOM, at a later date, it has decided officially held in Shenyang.


WLOM Related Events

In accordance with WLOM, the events were held to introduce member cities activities and of WWCAM.


1.  World Winter Cities Seminar
This seminar was held on July 30 at Do-Box in downtown Sapporo to promote the attractions of member cities directly to Sapporo residents. Citizens attended the presentations given by WLOM participants and listened with enthusiasm.


2. Booth at Eco Plaza Sapporo 2013
From July 30 to August 2, WWCAM opened a booth at the Eco Plaza Sapporo 2015 held at Access Sapporo to showacse WWCAM activities and environmental protection initiatives carried out by Member Cities, as well as introduce model cases of member cities making use of information gained from discussions at the Mayors Conference.



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