2019 Working-Level Officials Meeting in Norilsk

The Working-Level Officials Meeting (WLOM) of the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors (WWCAM) was held in Norilsk, Russia, between November 14 and 17. Seventeen member cities from 7 countries gathered to listen to and to discuss plans for the Nineteenth Mayors Conference, which will be hosted by the city of Rovaniemi, Finland, in September 2020.



November 14-17, 2019



Palace of Culture



Member Cities: 13 cities from 7 countries (40 people)

 Edmonton (Canada), Changchun, Jixi, Shenyang (China), Rovaniemi (Finland), Sapporo (Japan),

 Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Magadan, Novosibirsk, Norilsk (Russia), Hwacheon, Inje, Taebaek (Republic of Korea)

Observers: 4 cities

 Murmansk, Yakutsk, Monchegorsk, Dudinka (Russia)


Meeting topics

(1) Report on the 18th Mayors Conference

Shenyang, China, made a final report on the 18th Mayors Conference that was held on September 2018.

(2) Discussion on the operation of the WWCAM

(3) Discussion on plans for the 19th Mayors Conference
Member cities discussed the plans for the 19th Mayors Conference in September 2020 proposed by the host city, Rovaniemi of Finland.

(4) Discussions on the future WWCAM operation


Arctic Design Subcommittee 

As subcommittee secretariat, Rovaniemi (Finland) reported their activities of the Arctic Design Subcommittee which was established in February 2015.


WLOM Related Events

1. Panel Discussion Program “North for Work and Life” took place at the Norilsk State Industrial Institute, and representatives from universities and private entities made presentations and exchanged ideas on issues in infrastructure and logistics to improve energy efficiency in winter, challenges in development in cold regions, and protection of indigenous cultures and lifestyles.


2. A talk show event “Making Winter City Life Better” was held with the participation of local residents. A representative of Norilsk as well as the WLOM participants from Magadan, Edmonton, and Sapporo gave presentations and talked about the attractions of each city, advanced initiatives, and challenges unique to winter cities.


Meeting Report and Reference




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