At the fourth conference held in Tromso in 1990, subcommittees were established for the first time to conduct technical research and exchange information on technology among administrators of municipal governments and technocrats. The subcommittees formed in the past were for “Winter Urban Environmental Research,” “WinterNet,” “Waste Reduction and Recycling,” “Winter Recreation and Tourism,” “Economic Expansion,” “Snow Management”, “Countermeasures against Natural Disasters”, “Sustainable Winter Cities Planning” and “Measures against Terrorism in Northern Cities.” Final reports were compiled on the findings of their research and studies.


The Arctic Design Subcommittee was established by Rovaniemi, Finland, and has been active since February 2015.


Subcommittee for Measures against Terrorism in Northern Cities


Subcommittee for Sustainable Winter Cities Planning


Subcommittee Reports


List of Subcommittees

Name Active During Secretariat
Winter Urban Environmental Research Mar. 1990-Sep. 1993 Sapporo
Winter Net Mar. 1994-Jan. 1998 Edmonton
Waste Reduction and Recycling Mar. 1994-Feb. 2000 Lulea
Winter Recreation and Tourism  Feb. 1996-Feb. 2000 Anchorage
Economic Expansion   Feb. 1996-Feb. 2000 Tromso
Snow Management Feb. 2000-Feb. 2004 Prince George
Countermeasures against Natural Disasters  Feb. 2000-Feb. 2004 Sapporo
Sustainable Winter Cities Planning Feb. 2002-Jan. 2006 Aomori
Measures against Terrorism in Northern Cities  Feb. 2002-Jan. 2006 Anchorage
Winter City Environmental Issues Jan. 2006-Jan. 2010 Sapporo
City Operations for Mitigation of Global Climate Change Jan. 2006-Jan. 2010 Anchorage
Environmental Protection Jan. 2010-Jan. 2014 Changchun
Arctic Design Feb. 2015- Rovaniemi



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